Buy your card online

Buy your card online

Whether you are a local or are visiting the area for the first time our tasting cards will treat you to a new fun way to tour the city. With our unique cards you will be your own tour guide.

Each Tasting Card focuses on a different neighborhood. Browse the website to find the trail you want. Every trail and all the stops on it have been hand picked by the Foodie Trail staff to show you the neighborhood and introduce the delicious food you can find while visiting.

Our cards work great for local and tourists. Buy one for yourself or purchase as a great gift for those people in your life who are difficult to shop for.

Pick it up at the first stop

Pick it up at the first stop

The card pick up is in the neighborhood. After purchasing the tasting cards online you will receive a confirmation email redirecting you to a web page that contains the details where to pick up your card as well as a link to the neighborhood information page with extra background and interesting details about the area you will be visiting.

Taste the neighborhood

Taste the neighborhood

On the card you will find a map of the trail marked with six local eateries, fun and historical information about the neighborhood, and stubs to exchange for delicious tastings. At each stop you will try something special.

By following the map you will learn about the area you are visiting while stopping along the way for different things to eat and drink.

Tasting Card or Food tour?

Just like on a food tour, our tasting card trail will give you a culinary experience while walking around a neighborhood. So how is the Foodie Trail Tasting Card different from a regular food tour?

A food tour is led by a tour guide. If the guide is good, and we know, there are some great ones out there, then the tour will be great. A good tour guide is an asset. On the other hand, what if you don’t like the guide? He walks too fast, her information is outdated. You’re stuck. You paid for the tour and you can’t do it on your own.

On Foodie Trails you are your own guide and you don’t need to give yourself a tip. If you like a particular place and want to stay longer and taste an additional item? Go ahead. See an interesting shop along? Check it out! You don’t need to worry about keeping up with the group and the guide. You are in charge and you set the pace. The card contains historical and interesting information about the places you will see along the trail. With the Foodie Trails tasting card you get the benefits of a tour without the disadvantages.

Foodie Trails Tasting cards make great gifts. They can be purchased online and sent directly to the recipient. Since you do not have to book at a specific date and time they can be used by the recipient at a time convenient to them.

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Work With Us

Do you run a trendy cafe? Has your bakery been nominated for “Best of” Awards? Is there an interesting story behind your place?

Contact us at if you would like to be part of one our Foodie Trails and tell us why we should include you on our next trail card.

People are Saying...

"Perfect balance between walking and eating. I got to try food I had never even heard of." Jen, Sunnyvale
"Following the Foodie Trail card was like hunting for a geocache where the prize is great food. It was a treasure hunt for foodies." Tom, San Francisco

San Francisco Tasting Cards

North Beach

“Little Italy” of San Francisco, a flavorful neighborhood that has been home to Italian immigrants since the 1850’s.

The Mission District

San Francisco’s Mission District has it all. From its historic Latin flavor to the trendiest bakery in town, street murals and much more.

Union Square

Union Square Veggie Trail
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A food trail every vegetarian will enjoy. Taste dishes with the authentic unique tastes of San Francisco.