How do I get my tasting card?

After completing the online purchase you will receive an email confirmation with the directions to the trailhead. The trailhead is where you pick up your card and start your trail.

Will we be able to sit down at the restaurants?

Each stop will be a bit different - at some, you will be seated and served the food/drink/dessert, while at others, you will sample the tastings while standing. You will also have opportunities to hear from the restaurant managers/owners at several stops.

Is this trail appropriate for children?

Children are welcome on the trail and will enjoy following the map. You know best if your child will be interested in trying new foods. Every trail has food children will enjoy.

Does the trail end at the same place where it began?

The trails end within a few blocks of the starting point. Your trail map should be a good guide back to the starting point.

In addition to the list of places to eat, will I receive any information about the neighborhood?

On your card you will have an introduction to the neighborhood. In addition you can download our neighborhood guide with a recommended route for an ideal tour, as well as interesting facts about the history and the culture of the place you are visiting. On the web page with instructions on how to get your cards, you'll find a link to a downloadable version of the guide.

Does the trail have to be done on a specific date and time?

The North Beach tasting card can be used on every day of the week. Some of the restaurants or stores may be closed one day a week which is why we have given you more than one option for some of the stops. The card was meant to be used during the day as some places close in the evening. Feel free to time your trail to visit the places that are open in the evening at your convenience.

Must I use all of the tasting vouchers on the card in a single visit?

No. The card can be used over multiple trips

Are the samples on the cards for one person or for a couple?

The portion sizes of the tasting are suitable for one person.

Can I buy Foodie Trails tasting cards as a gift?

Of course. When placing your order mark the gift option in the order page and fill in the receiver’s contact details. We will send the confirmation email directly to your giftee. You will receive a copy of the confirmation and your receipt.

San Francisco Tasting Cards

North Beach

“Little Italy” of San Francisco, a flavorful neighborhood that has been home to Italian immigrants since the 1850’s.

The Mission District

San Francisco’s Mission District has it all. From its historic Latin flavor to the trendiest bakery in town, street murals and much more.

Union Square

Union Square Veggie Trail
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A food trail every vegetarian will enjoy. Taste dishes with the authentic unique tastes of San Francisco.