Order Confirmation

Every purchase results in an order confirmation containing all the information you need to redeem your card.

If you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting payment, or something goes wrong while you are trying to purchase, please contact Foodie Trails’ Customer Service to confirm that your order has been processed.

Do not assume we know something went wrong; you may be the only one that is aware of any problems that occurred, and without the confirmation email you won’t be able to get your Tasting Cards.

Card Terms

The card includes 6-7 different tastings each at a different stop as presented by six ticket stubs attached to the tasting card. In order to receive the tasting you must tear out the relevant stub from the card and provide it to the specific shop stated on it, at the time of your arrival to the shop.

All sales are final. It is not possible to cancel or return a Tasting Card after it has been collected from the trailhead. There will be no refund in case of non-use of the card or part of it or for loss of card.

The cards are valid for 6 (six) months after purchasing.

The card will only be accepted in its original and complete form.

With the confirmation email will also receive a link to "neighborhood guide" with information about the places you will be visiting. It is possible that we will change the actual tastings between the time of your purchase and the time that you head out on the trail. We recommend that you check the guide close to the tasting date.

Upon your arrival at the tasting stops, you need to hand the shopkeeper the relevant coupon. The shop will not accept a coupon that is not attached to the tastings card.

Some of the tastings rely upon the freshness of the food, or its availability and as a result there may be differences in the description of the tasting on the website and the actual tasting at the shop.

You are more than welcome to try additional items along the way and at the different stops. Any addition of any kind to the tasting stated on the card, will be paid by you directly to the the relevant shop. Foodie Trails is not responsible for the foods or beverages consumed on its tours.